4 Types of Fences to Consider for Your Yard

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You want to add a fence to your yard to enhance privacy and improve security. There are many materials out there used to build fences, and each one has different pros and cons. Here is an introduction to a few popular types of fences that we install at New Age Flooring & Remodeling:

1.  Aluminum—Aluminum fencing is strong, reliable, and it requires very little maintenance once installed. It can also mimic the high-end look of wrought iron fencing, allowing you to add sophistication and interest to your yard.

4 Types of Fences to Consider for Your Yard

2.  Chain link—Chain link fences are one of the most affordable types of fences. They also offer a level of visibility other types of fences don’t, which is something many homeowners prefer.

3.  Vinyl—Vinyl fencing requires little to no maintenance and retains its color year after year. Vinyl fences are also affordable and easy to install.

4.  Wood—Wood fences are popular because they are highly versatile in terms of style and customization features. You can also stain your wood fence to give it a different look. The only downfall is that wood fences need more maintenance than other types of fencing.

Do you need a new fence for your yard? Let us help! We can install an aluminum, chain link, vinyl, or wood fence on your property. Talk to us today about your requirements for your new fence and what type of material you prefer for this home improvement project.