Do You Need Flooring Restoration?

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Here at New Age Flooring & Remodeling, we specialize in finding ways to improve your home and turn it into your dream home. We can help you with renovations large and small. One way we can bring new beauty to your home is with flooring. In some cases, we can provide you with new flooring. However, you may have old flooring that can be given new life and become something you love. Is flooring restoration the right option for you?

Do You Need Flooring Restoration?

Here are a few key signs that flooring restoration is a good option for your home:

  • Scratches and dings: A few scratches are not a big deal, but if your hardwood is full of scratches and dings, flooring restoration is a good solution.
  • Changing color: If your floors are turning gray or black, then your polyurethane coating is wearing off and no longer protecting your floors from water damage. Flooring restoration can help you bring back a rich and vibrant color and prevent further damage.
  • Water damage: If your floors have had significant exposure to water, you will likely see cupping or separation of boards and possibly dark areas. This means you may need some boards replaced and other flooring restoration efforts.

When you come to us for flooring restoration, you will see that we provide highly skilled workmanship, friendly service, and fair rates. We know you will be more than satisfied with your experience. To learn more about how we can revive the original beauty of your hardwood floors and perform other services to improve your home, call us today.