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Flooring restoration is an excellent option for hardwood flooring.

If your floors have sustained damage over time, you may be thinking about having them replaced. Worn-out or damaged flooring doesn’t look very appealing and can impact how you feel when relaxing in your living space. But instead of investing in new flooring, contact us at New Age Flooring & Remodeling to find out whether your floors qualify for flooring restoration. Restoring their floors to their previous state can be a cost-effective alternative to replacement, and you can enjoy the beauty of the upgraded flooring every time you return home.

Flooring Restoration in Clarksville, Tennessee

Flooring restoration is an excellent option for hardwood flooring. Some other flooring materials can be restored, but our technicians can assess the condition of your floors and determine whether restoration is a viable option. When we restore hardwood floors, we often begin by sanding the planks to remove any scratches, dings, and other damage. If the damage to the flooring is minor, we might be able to simply refinish the surface rather than having to perform a full sanding service. After completing this step, we can then apply a fresh clear coating, which will protect your floors from additional damage. If you don’t like the color of the wood, we can also apply stain in another shade to transform and update the appearance of the space.

When we perform a flooring restoration service, you can enjoy floors that look like new again at a lower cost than a full flooring replacement. We offer this service to those located throughout the Clarksville, Tennessee area.


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